Guide to Educational Travel in Okinawa

School Exchange

Experience school life through classes and club activities

Both hosts and visitors enjoy the time spent learning about different cultures and values as well as understanding more about each other.

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  • Variety of Exchanges

Okinawa School Exchange Highlights

  • Experience Okinawa's extraordinary nature and culture
    Karate, traditional performing arts and other extracurricular activities strengthen exchange within the context of Okinawa’s world-renowned culture and nature.
  • Exchange throuclub activities
    Students i n teract wit heachother through sports, culture, performing arts, music or many other activities.
  • lcharibachode Spirit
    Visiting students are cordially welcomed in the Okinawa traditional spirit of ichariba choodee, meaning that “once we meet, we are brothers and sisters.”
  • A program Example

  • Variety of Exchanges